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  1. To participate in the lottery of You must read and agree with the rules.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old.
  3. To be eligible to win, you need to fill out a registration form on this website. Watch video
  4. After that you will receive a confirmation letter about successful registration to your specified E-mail, you will get a confirmation letter of successful registration. Click on the confirmation link in the E-mail to confirm your registration. By doing this you'll be redirected back to
  5. Enter your registration information; E-mail, Password, and click SIGN IN. Watch video
  6. Read the information.
  7. Under Tickets, choose lottery drawing in which you would like to participate. The image of a lottery ticket has active areas with tips for the ment destination.
  8. Mark on the lottery ticket a combination of numbers that will take part in the draw. Under the lottery ticket, you will see a calculation of the amount you want to pay. Click ADD TO CART.
  9. To participate in additional drawings, please repeat steps 7-8.
  10. On the user panel (the top right corner of the page), click on the Shopping Cart. You will see lottery tickets with your digital combinations. If desired, you can remove your lottery tickets, or add additional ones by doing 7-8 steps. Watch video
  11. Select a payment system which you would like to use, click BUY.
  12. You are in your chosen payment system. does not transfer your personal information to third parties. Payment takes place in a closed payment system. Watch video
    • for Visa, MasterCard
      Fill in your payment details and click Submit Payment.
    • for PayPal
      Fill in the E-mail, PayPal password, click Log In. In the opened window, click Continue. You will be redirected back to for final confirmation of participation in this drawing. Click Confirm Payment and receive congratulations from our assistant for a successful transaction.
  13. Check your E-mail, you will be notified about your participation in your chosen lottery drawing.
  14. After drawing, a notification with results will be delivered with the results to your E-mail. In case if your digital combination is successful, you will receive a greeting for your victory. Watch video
  15. A prize up to $ 600, you get immediately (2-3 days) to your bank account. If you win more than $ 600, you get a cashier's check immediately after the lottery organizers have provided the payment. If you win the jackpot you must personally come to California, after contacting our representative by the phone number, mentioned on the site.
PayPal account registration instructions: Watch video Watch video

WARNING!!! All purchased tickets which got marked as "Ticket bought" are NON-refundable. We apologize for possible inconvenience.

For more information, visit the Contact Us page, leave a message or contact us via telephone.
We wish you to win the biggest jackpot in the World!