Please, wait... Affiliate Program Regulations

Any user can become our partner and earn profit with us by bringing new people to the website. To activate the affiliate program, you need to read and agree with the rules, and have a valid PayPal account to receive the earned money.

To attract new users to the site, you need to use affiliate link that is displayed on the page of your Affiliate Program. Copy and distribute it to potential users.
You can also post links in the form of banners. For this purpose we have prepared a set of banners in different sizes, so you can choose the most appropriate ones to put on your website. To do this, you need to enter the control panel of the affiliate program to transfer by using the Get banners link.

When entering a new user on your affiliate link, it will be recognized as a person attracted by you. The new user must register (create an account) at, which will be linked to your own account, that in the future will allow you to receive bonuses with every purchase made by the user attracted by you (i.e. by your referral user).

We will pay you $0.3 from each of the playing field, purchased by your referrals (in a single ticket, there are 5 playing fields). Those earned bonuses you accumulate on the balance sheet, which you can see in the control panel of your affiliate program. The same page shows all purchases made by your referrals, including all bonuses counted. (Please note that enrollment bonuses do not occur immediately after the purchase of tickets, but only after the purchased tickets in the lottery will be played at least once. This is done in order to account for a possible refund procedure, in case of the failure to purchase a ticket)

You can request the earned money to your PayPal account at any time, only if the amount of the withdrawal will be at least $30 per transaction. To do this, at the control panel click Request Payout link to go to request withdrawal page. Here you'll need to fill out 3 fields:

  • Amount to Withdraw
  • Payee PayPal Account - your money will be transfered to this account. You can specify any valid PayPal account. Be careful! is not responsible for your mistakes and lost money in this case will not be reimbursed.
  • Your Password at - your password that you enter for your authorization.

After you complete these fields, click on the Send Request button. If the data passed the initial verification, your request will be accepted as an evidenced by the text messege, as well as by the email notification that we will send you.

Please note that these actions do not result in an instantaneous transfer of funds to your account, but only registers the request, which will then be processed by our administrator for some time - usually from 1 to 3 days from the date of filing.

You can see the status of your request on the Payout History page. Newly received requests, have a status of Pending. Once the request is processed, its status will be changed to the Complete or Refused. If the withdrawal is refused, you will be able to see the reason for the refusal by hovering your mouse over the information icon. If the cause of the rejection can be corrected by you, then create a new query with the correct parameters in accordance with the above sequence of actions. Otherwise, contact us for more detailed information about the reasons for refusal.

In addition, to prevent the endless accumulation of funds in your balance, automatically applies for withdrawal when it reaches the $50 amount. In this case, the funds are transferred to PayPal account that you registered on our site. So please check your PayPal account before activating the affiliate program.

The number of users invited by you is not limited and the amount of purchases does not change the value of the referral bonus rate.
The more real buyers you bring, the more and faster you'll earn proffit with us.

The team wishes you a lot of success and prosperity.

To participate in Lotterball Affiliate Program you must sign in under your Lotterball account. Please register if you don't have account yet.